ATV KN.12.2 Zaterdag 20 Januari 2024

07:00 FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019:England vs USA
08:55 Beach Volleyball:Espana vs Latvia Full Women’s Semi-Final| U 21 Beach Volleyball World Champs 2021
09:30 EPL: Arsenal vs Crystal Palace
11:30 Bundesliga: Köln vs Borussia Dortmund
13:30 Crazy Futsal Skills 2019 Team Falcao vs Team Sean
14:00 ” Africa Cup of Nations:
Mauritania vs Angola “
16:00 Jaap Stam’s Beste Momenten en Carriere Overzicht
17:00 Africa Cup of Nations: Tunisia vs Mali
19:00 Super Hits
20:00 The Masked Singer
21:25 Brooklyn Nine-Nine
22:10 Dark Winds
23:00 Power
00:00 Stand-Up Comedy:Kelsey Cook The Hustler
01:05 Friends
02:35 South Park
04:05 Two and A Half Men
05:30 The Big Bang Theory
07:00 Motivational Speeches
(wijzigingen voorbehouden)


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