ATV KN.12.2 Zaterdag 16 December 2023

07:00 Beach Soccer Wold Cup Final 2021:Russia vs Japan
08:30 Herh. Concacaf Caribbean Cup Championship Finals: Cavalier FC vs Robin Hood
10:30 AFF Futsal 2023:Victoria FC (Australia) vs Black Steel FC Papua (Indonesia)
12:00 EPL: Manchester City vs Crystal Palace
14:00 Hand of God 30 Years On
14:30 BUNDESLIGA: RB Leipzig vs Hoffenheim
16:45 Serie A: Torino vs Empoli
19:00 Super Hits
20:00 The Masked Singer
21:00 Brooklyn Nine-Nine
22:00 Dark Winds
22:45 BMF
23:40 Stand-Up Comedy:Brad Williams,Tahir Moore,Todd Glass,Mike Falzone& The Wave
01:10 Friends
02:35 South Park
04:00 Two and A Half Men
05:25 The Big Bang Theory
07:00 Motivational Speeches
(wijzigingen voorbehouden)


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