ATV KN.12.2 Maandag 6 November 2023

7:00:00 MOTVATIONAL SPEECHES : You Can’t Defeat Me
7:10:00 Fitness: Zumba Cardio Party
8:00:00 In Gesprek met : Alberto Doesburg, Diego Chin A Sen, en Patrick Pata Zinhagel
8:45:00 Concacaf Caribbean Cup Championship: Robin Hood vs Moca FC (Herh.)
10:45:00 NBA Hall of fame speech: Gold Blooded
12:15:00 In Gesprek met (Sport editie)
13:00:00 Batman year One 2011
14:05:00 Formula 1 Doc.: Pit Stop In Two Seconds
15:00:00 Doc.: Sir Alex Ferguson Never give In 2021
16:00:00 Super Hits
17:00:00 EPL: Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea
19:00:00 Michael Jackson Live In Bucharest
21:00:00 ATV Sports
22:00:00 Upshaws
23:00:00 Phil Collins Live At Montreux 2003
1:20:00 ESPN FC
2:30:00 Friends
4:00:00 Two and A Half Men
5:25:00 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
(wijzigingen voorbehouden)


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