ATV KN.12.2 Maandag 21 Augustus 2023

07:00 Aljazeera Nieuws
09:00 PBR Unleash The Beast New York City
10:10 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series
11:55 Tv.Film:Finke There And Back
13:30 Malverns Classic Drop and Roll Tour
14:05 Suri Tunes
15:00 Doc.:Africas Hunters
16:00 EPL: Crystal Palace vs Arsenal
18:00 Shadow and Bone
19:05 ATV Nieuws
19:40 NPR Tiny Music Desk Concert:Svaneborg Kardyb
20:05 The Rookie Feds
20:55 Station 19
21:40 New Amsterdam
22:25 Herh. ATV Sports
23:15 Tv Film: Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant
01:20 Einde Uitzending
(wijzigingen voorbehouden)


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