ATV KN.12.2 Dinsdag 20 December 2022

07:00 Aljazeera Nieuws
12:00 Doc.:Tupac Shakur – A Life in Ten Pictures
13:00 Gordon Guno and Freds Great Christmas Roast
14:10 Infinite Nights Watch: Alice Keys Live in Dubai
15:30 Kinderfilm: Oh Deer Its Christmas
16:45 Suri Tunes
17:45 Animaniacs
18:10 River Monsters
19:00 ATV Nieuws
19:35 Anger Management
20:00 TELESUR Business Event Lanch Collabs Kenny B & Kater Karma
21:35 Holiday Wars
22:20 Natio Weekly
22:45 Lego Masters Australia
00:00 The Big Four
Einde Uitzending
(Wijzigingen Voorbehouden)


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