ATV KN.12.1 – Woensdag 09 Augustus 2017

07:00 CNN Nieuws
07:35 Bribi Ministries
08:10 Fitness:21 Daysfix:Upper Fix
08:45 Angelina Ballerina:Kaartjes Voor Het Ballet
09:00 Caribbean Newsline
09:35 Food Truth Or Scare
10:20 From Me:The Tiffany Rubin Story

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Schoolteacher Tiffany Rubin (Taraji P. Henson) flies to South Korea to reunite with her 7-year-old son, who was kidnapped by his biological father.

12:00 CNN Nieuws
12:30 In Gesprek Met
13:20 Tiny House Nation

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14:05 Nella The Princess Knight
14:30 Documentaire:Chicken People
15:55 597 Charts
16:30 Infomercial VSB
16:45 Miss Anacaona Verkiezing
18:00 ATV Nieuws
18:50 Fiber Vibes
19:00 H.I. Actief
19:25 Flip Or Flop

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20:00 Youth Outreach
20:30 How Do They Do It:Coffee
21:00 Little Big Shots:Forever Young
22:00 Trekking:Lotto/Lotto Plus/Tek.2/Double Tek.2/Match.3/High.5
22:10 The Catch

23:00 Blindspot

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23:45 Entertainment:A Night With Beyonce
00:40 Caribbean Newsline
01:10 Herhaling ATV Nieuws
01:50 Angie Tribeca
02:15 Speed Of Thought
03:50 Handmade In Japan:Samurai Sword
04:20 Behind Bars:Rookie Years
05:05 How Not To Live Your Life
05:35 Atomic Puppet
06:00 CNN Nieuws
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