ATV KN.12.2 Zaterdag 27 Januari 2024

07:00 Miami vs Florida State Full Match Replay 2023 ACC Women’s Soccer
08:35 Funny Moments with Female Referees
08:50 Top 10 The Best Footballerds Of All Time
09:30 FA Cup: Ipswich Town vs Maidstone United
11:30 Bundesliga: Augsburg vs Bayern M√ľnchen
13:30 Inside The Pride An England Original Full Documentary
14:00 Africa Cup of Nations:
16:00 Lionel Messi Ascending to Greatness
17:00 Africa Cup of Nations:
19:00 Super Hits
20:00 The Masked Singer
21:25 Brooklyn Nine-Nine
22:00 Dark Winds
23:00 Power
00:00 Stand-Up Comedy:Ari Shaffir
01:30 Stand Up Comedy:Mike James I Have No Patience
02:00 Friends
03:35 South Park
05:00 Two and A Half Men
06:25 The Big Bang Theory
07:05 Motivational Speeches
(wijzigingen voorbehouden)


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