ATV KN.12.2 Donderdag 24 Augustus 2023

7:00:00 Al Jazeera Nieuws
14:00:00 Cambodia The Water Kingdom Wildest Indochina 15 Go Wild
15:00:00 Spectakular Secret Of The North Sea
16:30:00 Suri Tunes
17:30:00 Icland Majestic Natural Paradise On Top Of The World
18:30:00 Our World The Eagle That Kills Its Prey By Stomping On It
19:00:00 ATV Nieuws (Herh.)
19:35:00 BBC Earth Top 5 David Attenborough Moments
20:00:00 Whazzz Up?
21:00:00 BBC Earth Amazing Ocean Moments
22:05:00 Stand-Up Comedy:
23:35:00 (Herh.) ATV Sports
0:20:00 Tv Film: Black Hawk Down
2:50:00 Al Jazeera Nieuws
Einde Uitzending


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