ATV KN.12.1 Donderdag 27 April 2023

7:00:00 BBC Nieuws
7:30:00 Steven Reyme Ministries
8:00:00 Fitness:Home Workout For Beginners Achievable Low Impact Results
8:30:00 BBC Nieuws
9:00:00 ATV Binnenlands Nieuws + Sportnieuws (Herh.)
9:30:00 Best Ever Food Review Show :Cow Head Tacos Wild Mexican Street Food In Yucatan
10:00:00 Tv.Film : Aquamarine
11:45:00 One Day At A Time
12:15:00 BBC Nieuws
12:35:00 Middag Film: The Angry Birds Movie 2
14:15:00 SHV: Super Hit Classics
15:00:00 Guy Martin’s Great British Power Trip
15:50:00 CDS FOCUS
16:15:00 Travel Man
17:15:00 This Is The Day Of Victory For You
18:00:00 ATV Nieuws
19:00:00 So Help Me Todd
20:00:00 IN GESPREK MET…
21:00:00 ATV Sports
22:00:00 His Dark Materials
23:00:00 The Last of Us
0:30:00 ATV Nieuws (Herh.)
1:05:00 The Umbrella Academy
1:55:00 Tv.Film: Song of the Assassins
3:55:00 Tv.Film: Sniper: Rogue Mission
5:35:00 Secrets of The Zoo Tampa
6:20:00 BBC Nieuws
Einde Uitzending


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